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Ham Yard Event

Thank you to our esteemed colleagues who joined us at Ham Yard for our inaugural Senior Leadership Networking dinner. There was a very healthy debate around pertinent topics that we're all facing for the coming years and we'd like everyone for their active contribution to a thoroughly enjoyable evening. We look forward to continuing our [...]

Ham Yard Event2018-03-07T19:49:55+01:00

It’s complicated

The Truth about moving to a solutions business It’s Interesting looking at what’s going on in both Telecoms and IT Companies at the moment. There is a large focus on moving from a product to a solution play, but this isn’t the first time we are seeing this. Back in the 90’s numerous IT companies [...]

It’s complicated2017-08-25T12:01:14+01:00

Don’t break down silos! Build more …

There is a great deal of talk in business about breaking down the Silos! Sorry to be controversial, but I think it should be the opposite, I think you need more silos! they just need to be better quality and intentionally configured. We have been conditioned to resolve a problem over the last number of [...]

Don’t break down silos! Build more …2017-08-25T12:01:48+01:00

Lies and Dashboards!

Sorry to tell you this, but the majority of management dashboards are far from the truth. This is especially true for project management.This is how it works. No one wants to hear bad news, and the way it manifests itself is “give me bad news and I give you pain”! Don’t give me problems, give [...]

Lies and Dashboards!2017-08-25T12:00:36+01:00