Our Methodology

We’ve all got a delivery methodology. Everyone’s certified up to the eyeballs, or got the t-shirt. It’s amazing anything goes wrong, ever.

Our difference is that we have to deliver success for our clients every time, our reputation rests on it, and we’ve developed our methodology based on what works.

Establish a solution to meet business

Scope of works or business case:
- Planned outcomes.
- Project deliverables, KPIs, SLA’s
- Milestones
- Commercial model
- Resource profiles
- Investment & return

Setting up the project for success

Project Plan & Schedule

Project team build
- Specification, evaluation & selection
- Alignment to project objectives

Project Kick-off
- SoW Review
- Gap analysis
Project stewardship set up

Project Delivery / Service Transition

Stage delivery
Product delivery

Management of Resources, Suppliers,
Scope & Requirements, Quality

Project hand-over
Lessons learnt

For Smart Out-Task services - Manage operation of the solution:
- Committed service
- Service levels
- Resources
- Processes & Tools
- Service monitoring
Measure and optimise performance over time:
- Service improvement



Communication, ownership and oversight.


Measuring , controlling and optimising your delivery.


Activating, motivating and managing, so you don’t have to.

Smart Clustering

We believe in the power of the cluster; Small, high performing teams where the members complement each other, trust each other, enjoy working with each other, and are highly effective together.

Some of the most satisfying times in your career were probably working in a cluster team; a demanding project, a small team that stormed, normed and formed, and ultimately delivered against the odds. You still talk about it today.

We believe using cluster teams helps deliver maximum benefit to our clients:

Flexible and responsive – agile non-bureaucratic decision-making, with ready adoption of electronic tooling to get the job done.

Performance management – talent management and individual development is naturally supported within the team.

Personal happiness – strong team bonding and support, coupled with high performance.

Outcome focused – the team is focused on the outcome, not individual objectives.


SmartTasking’s new, but the team isn’t. Some of the things they have delivered:


IT Outsource transitioned


Unified comms seats transformed


Global field engineers capability built.


Individuals Hired


Revenue Out-Task

1m +

Engineering activities per year.


Saved Annually


People Led

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