We assure the outcome by applying the right approach on the journey. From defining the outcome, to managing resources. By using the SmartTasking methodology, and applying our stewardship model with every engagement. We add value at every step.

Trust takes time. You need to see results. But the more we provide, the more value we can deliver for you.

SmartConsult provides individual or teams of experts to help you do it. SmartResourcing provides people to help you do it. SmartTask is about us doing it for you, by delivering your business tasks as a service.

"It’s all about getting the result. We expect to commit to the outcome, and tailor the approach to your environment.

It's the only way"


“I need experts to help me with this right now.”

We help you do it.

It’s your “A-Team” on demand, so you can flex up or down as you need. Our focus is on the task in hand, not long resourcing commitments.

We offer industry experts, who are there to help you lead, train, advise, implement and optimise.

You get experts who hit the ground the running. We don’t reinvent the wheel with every engagement. We apply our expertise from day 1 to make an immediate difference.

We always commit. Whether it’s a project outcome, savings achieved, or task complete, the commitment will be made up front. Risk shared, and delivered.


“I need skilled individuals now to help me deliver a task.”

We provide people to help you do it.

Our talent pool of specialists can give you that additional boost in capacity as and when required.

Projects by their nature are unpredictable. We understand that overruns can be expensive and disruptive, so our focus is on supplying individuals and teams who can get the job done.

Our focus is on our people delivering the task in hand, not long resourcing commitments.

Additionally – Our consulting team is always available to help coach, train


“I need someone to take responsibility for this business task for me.”

We do it for you.

You need flexible, controlled out-tasking of a function or service, with clear outputs, backed by service levels and shared risk.

Smart Task makes sense where you want to establish and grow a function, where the workload fluctuates, or where you want to save money.

You get an efficient team of experienced professionals with proven credentials, who are focused on achieving your specific outcomes; work-package delivery, SLA adherence or saving money.

It’s on demand, so you can’t beat the utilisation, and you only pay for the result.

We share the risk. So as well as only paying for what you use, you can back off your internal or customer service commitments to us. Read more here…. 

Our Methodology

The SmartTasking methodology underpins everything we do.

It’s our way of keeping our promises.

It describes our delivery methodology, from scoping, activating expert teams fast., delivering, supporting and optimising. Read more here… 

How we maintain a network of experienced proven professionals. Read more here… 

And the SmartTasking Stewardship model so everyone’s happy and things are on track. Read more here….



Poor communication is one of the key reasons for failure. We have a straight forward communication framework, with clear ownership and oversight throughout.

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You can’t manage what you don’t measure. We put a strong focus on measuring and reviewing performance of every delivery to ensure the outcome.

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It’s all about the people. Exceptional resources, motivated, on the right task, is a recipe for success. We manage all of our resources, all of the time.

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Our Ideas

We’re passionate about combining expert help with achieving an outcome. Find out more about what makes us tick:

Our Results


$3.5bn IT Transition

Two of the world’s largest IT service providers decided to outsource key elements of their IT infrastructure to each other. Part of the deal included the $3.5 Bn IT outsource of the European network, including a lightning fast transition that could only be described as “changing the wheels when the car’s moving.”


€20m Efficiency Savings

One of Europe’s largest telecoms providers, needed to optimise their operations, deliver immediate cost savings of €20m, and establish a process for ongoing cost reduction.


4,000+ sites transformed

A network transformation programme for a global financial institution. The challenge was to provide a fixed price outcome based service for the field engineering, logistics, inventory management and decommissioning, with no impact on banking operations and retail branches.


$150m Out-Task Delivered

World leading consulting company decides to out-task key operational function of 700 resources to support strategic focus and financial objectives. If the deadline is missed, the savings would not be recognised and materially impact the region’s performance.

Our Experience

SmartTasking is new, but the team behind it isn’t. Each of them comes with years of experience working with some of the world’s leading IT providers: