Great leadership? It starts here…

What makes a great leader?

Much has been said on this subject, and there are certainly a whole library of books to read if you really want to understand more. But if you don’t have time to read (and most of us are pretty busy), below are are a few tips which we can all learn from.

A leader should be able to articulate a vision clearly and in a really compelling way. They should also be able to make his/her team believe that they are all playing a vital role in that vision

  • A leader knows the importance of connecting with people, and goes out of his/her way to do it
  • A leader should know that is it entirely possible to make things happen even when the world seems against you
  • A leader is able to remain totally calm in difficult circumstances, and take a ‘condor view’ of a situation – seeing all the various elements impartially, for what they really are
  • A leader should know that little steps combine to make a big difference. In this rapidly-changing world, it’s often the baby steps that really count
  • A leader leads with his/her own values – courage, discipline, respect, integrity, loyalty, and selfless commitment go a long way
  • A leader is just as clear about what they’re not going to do, as they are about what they are going to do.