working from home team communication

There are many benefits to be gained by allowing your employees to work from home. If you have decided this is the best way forward, here are some tips on how to maintain effective employee communication and team spirit.

  1. The Right Equipment for the Job

Make sure your team has everything they need to execute their jobs, first and foremost. Make sure they have access to papers as well as their work computer, smartphone, and maybe an additional screen. Ensure your employees have everything they need to work from home for a long time by taking an inventory.

  1. Create Chat Channels

Create digital chat channels if you haven’t already. Consider services like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Additionally, chat channels foster teamwork by allowing workers to instantly bounce ideas off one another. The best part is that many of these channels for communication are free to use.

  1. Conduct Weekly Check-Ins 

Plan a weekly check-in with teams and individuals to assess the situation. What plans do they have for the remainder of the week and the day? What went well, and where do we need assistance? Ask for comments and consider how you might help your team more effectively.

  1. Select the Correct Communications Channels

Employees who experience successful communication report a 25% boost in productivity as well as a greater sense of connection to their coworkers and their job. When we talk about successful communication, we mean that it meets people where they are and is personalised and pertinent. Understanding the variations among many generations is also crucial. While certain generations, like baby boomers, prefer email, social media and chat tools are a clever method to connect and recruit Generation Z workers.

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