Smart/tasking’s Newsroom-as-a-Service has become extremely popular with businesses whose communications needs have grown beyond their internal capabilities. Once regarded as a “nice-to-have”, high-quality communications are now widely recognised as a necessity – especially in times of change or business growth. But scaling up or down an existing communications team isn’t always easy.

That’s where smart/tasking’s Newsroom-as-a-Service comes in.

Our experienced team of writers, reporters, strategists, designers and project communicators can step in at extremely short notice, sparing you the need to hire in freelancers or recruit in a rush. Crucially, you can rest assured that the work we deliver will be of exceptionally high quality, delivering tangible results that can be used to enhance internal reporting.

We can provide:

  • Programme/project communications
  • Communications audits
  • Top-quality writing for articles and blogs
  • Structured case studies and testimonials
  • Filmed and written interviews
  • Podcasting and ‘vlogging’
  • Talking points and speeches
  • Narratives, messaging and storytelling
  • Design services, including digital and print
  • Spokesperson coaching
  • Media training
  • Intranet and SharePoint design and writing

Why businesses value Newsroom-as-a-Service:

  • An increase in internal projects has left a communications ‘gap’ that can’t be filled internally
  • A new business strategy or approach has led to a need for high-quality, fast-turnaround communications
  • An existing communications team can no longer cope with the increasing demand for output
  • A business has decided that a full, independent communications audit is needed in order to move ahead
  • A business wants to rapidly increase communications outputs

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