We are looking for outstanding people who are exceptional professionals. We believe that if we look after our people, then they will look after our customers. We are a family. We care about the people who we work with and want to invest in developing our futures together.

Smart/tasking consultants are experts in their field and have a record of success, giving clients the ‘wow’ factor with high impact projects delivered to the highest standards. In return, smart/tasking provides you with the platform to realise your true value, both financially and professionally. We are your extended team, we take ownership and make things happen on your behalf.


Every consultant who joins us is invited to join the smart/community, through which they can:

  • benefit from regular skills swaps, online seminars, and other learning opportunities
  • gain valuable skills to further develop their own business
  • expand their network, by talking regularly with an experienced team of professional consultants
  • share market insights and personal observations, which in turn helps secure them further work

Who are we looking for?

Us smart/taskers are passionate about enjoying our work life – as well as being very good at what we do! We love people who are motivated, open-minded, sociable, and adaptable: people who take pride in their skills, and who never tire of learning. Our core values reflect our attitude to work – and to life!

Where do you fit?


  • You’re a senior leader in your field, with a professional network of influential individuals whom you use to build your business.
  • You are currently providing interim executive services, or you’re working as a senior exec.
  • You’re down-to-earth, adaptable and you like a laugh – because work should be fun and challenging.
  • Perhaps you feel you’re not realising the full value of your work?

If this sounds like you, we can help. Our Optimisers have all been here before, and we’ve helped them transform their working life. We want to hear from you!


  • You’ve been working as a contractor or consultant for several years, and you have a great track record of professional delivery.
  • You can demonstrate credibility, and you can build strong relationships quickly
  • You stay on top of important developments in your field, and you can explain these logically and with authority
  • You also like a laugh, and you have a good network

If this sounds like you, we think you’d fit in perfectly. You’d find our smart/consult, smart/hands and smart/task engagements stimulating and enjoyable – get in touch. 

Community Work

At smart/tasking, we feel very strongly about the communities around us. They’ve seen us through a lot, so it’s only natural we should want to give something back. Our sponsorships and community commitments are now part of our DNA, which is why we’re proud to share them on these website pages.

Armed Forces Covenant

Smart/tasking is a ‘bronze status’ holder in the Armed Forces Covenant: a promise to support those who serve or who have served our nation and to do what we can to support these selfless individuals and their families. Smart/tasking already employs a number of ex- military men and women, in various roles – so this is a cause that is especially close to our hearts!

Farnham Rugby Club

Our relationship with Farnham RUFC goes back some years. Originally founded in 1975, this brilliant club incorporates Senior, Youth and Mini teams, as well as a hugely talented First XV who are currently playing in London Division 1 South. Smart/tasking is proud to continue sponsoring Farnham RUFC throughout the 2022-23 season, and we wish all players the very best of luck!


We are looking for senior leaders who are experts in their field, with a strong professional network.

You are currently providing interim executive services or working as a senior executive.

Your professional network is excellent. It’s how you build your business.

You like a laugh.

Your problem is that you are not realising the full value of your work.

If this sounds familiar, then we can help you harness your full value. At smart/tasking we have developed a programme for our Optimisers to realise more:

  • Sell your time to realise more value.
  • Establish significant additional income streams from selling smart/tasking solutions.
  • At smart/tasking we have the training, development, delivery capability and infrastructure to help you achieve this, and more.


smart/tasking consultants are experienced professionals who are experts at what they do.

We are looking for individuals who have an excellent track record of professional delivery and can demonstrate credibility and build strong relationships quickly.

You also like a laugh.

You may be providing consulting or contracting services currently or looking for a change from the corporate world.

At smart/tasking we can help you realise significant rewards through our smart/consult, smart/hands and smart/task client engagements. We also offer interesting and varied client engagements, as well as the infrastructure support you would expect.

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