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FOLLO*, Anyone? Relax – We’re All In It Together

We’ve had FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out); we’ve had YOLO (You Only Live Once)… now prepare to meet FOLLO*

Great Communications? It’s No Secret!

If you’re like me, this last year will have shown you that there are some things you need less of… some things you need more of…

Exploring Leadership Styles? You Can Never Have Tzu Much Sun…

While engaging in my current favourite pastime of box-set binging, I found myself…

Mental Health Awareness – Zoom Paranoia

In the last blogpost I suggested that leaders can position themselves and their company to make sure they come out of the..

Has working from home made Employee Engagement more…

One of the first business staples

Leading from afar!

Who would have imagined we would have spent the best part of 2020 and now 2021 managing our teams through …

See you on the other side?

As a slightly introverted and sometimes awkward networker, I’ve always found that the fear of what the response…

What’s the story… strategic glory

Depending on who you listen to, ‘storytelling’ is either an over-used marketing buzzword or the very last word in business communications.

You had me at hello!

Last month, hundreds of thousands of children and young adults made the important move onto the next stage in their lives.

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