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In Conversation We Trust

In Conversation We Trust If there’s one thing we’ve all been doing more of in the last few months, it’s having conversations. Real, honest, often soul-searching; the way we talk to one another now is quite different than it might have been six months ago.  “How are you doing?” has become a much more genuine [...]

Nest Teams – The future of dynamic expertise

Building effective teams is difficult. Sometimes it seems like we are never going to make it.
It feels like painting a long bridge – we never reach the end.

Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

Here are a few of my top tips for continuing to communicate really effectivity with both colleagues and clients alike during the challenging world we are all currently experiencing.

It’s complicated

It’s Interesting looking at what’s going on in both Telecoms and IT Companies at the moment. There is a large focus on moving from a product to a solution play, but this isn’t the first time we are seeing this.

Don’t break down silos! Build more …

There is a great deal of talk in business about breaking down the Silos!

Lies and Dashboards!

Sorry to tell you this, but the majority of management dashboards are far from the truth.

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