Engagement management.

Your dedicated Optimiser takes ownership of the engagement, supported by the delivery team and backed by the smart/tasking leadership. To this formula, we add experienced consultants who quickly establish credibility and build relationships.

Communication is crucial to successful delivery so we make things simple and clear.

Regular reports and reviews, via points of contact at operational and executive levels, keep everyone up to speed and ensure transparency. We create clear escalation paths to quickly fix any issues.

The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.

George Bernard Shaw

Resourcing management.

Smart/hands is about saving you time and money, not leaving you with extra resources to manage. Our consultants are self-starters who hit the ground running and deliver immediate benefit.

Before getting started, we’ll have carefully evaluated and matched the consultant to the requirement, internally reviewed the project, and made sure everything is aligned to your goals. It’s your outcomes that we commit to.

Performance management.

Successful management is impossible without effective measurement. So, we review every aspect of delivery and always look for new performance indicators that might offer new ways to optimise what we do.

It’s not just about crunching metrics – we continually review risks, issues and potential changes to anticipate factors that could have an impact on delivery.

Most importantly, we always want to hear from you how we’re doing. Anything less than delighted and we make putting things right our No1 priority.

If you’re not measuring it, you’re not managing it

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