How JOSCAR is enabling smart/tasking to continue supporting our enterprise clients 

As business optimisers, we’re always keen to help organisations work better, faster, and smarter. We’re also excited when we see other businesses adopt our approach to optimisation and automation: making complex, arduous or repetitive processes simpler and more effective.  

So, we were doubly delighted to learn that our JOSCAR accreditation has been renewed for a further 12 months.  

The JOSCAR (Joint Supply Chain Accreditation Register) Framework is managed by Helios, a collaborative tool used by major buyers in the defence, aerospace, and security sectors. At its hub is a centralised database that holds supplier information: simplifying the buying process via standardised pre-qualification questionnaires, risk assessments, and compliance checks. 

Through our renewed accreditation, we’ll be able to continue support the JOSCAR supply chain with the expertise and no-barriers thinking that we are known for. This is really exciting news for smart/tasking; particularly as we have recently enhanced some of our most popular and high-impact offerings, such as our PMO service.  

Our JOSCAR accreditation renewal also demonstrates our continuing dedication to upholding the highest standards of quality, reliability, and compliance: symbolising the rigorous assessment that our organisation has undergone to ensure we meet the strict requirements and expectations of our valued enterprise customers. At smart/tasking, we’ve always taken pride in giving our clients an excellent experience of working with us. Our accreditation renewal means that organisations who select us can be certain of our capability, our levels of compliance, and of our focus on quality management, cyber security, and ethical conduct.

View the smart/tasking JOSCAR certification.