You want to get the task done yourselves… but what if you don’t have quite the right skills in-house? If this sounds familiar, smart/hands is for you. Our expertise-on-demand service places individuals with the right specialist for your project or task. Whether you need a single expert for a one-off activity, a flexible bench of consultants whose activity you can scale up or down as needed, or even an experienced C-suite business leader on a fractional (part-time) basis, you can rest assured that we’ll provide you with the right pair – or pairs – of hands for the job.

We provide:

  • Access to an incredible range of skilled individuals
  • Total commitment to putting the right person or persons in your business
  • A demand-led model that aligns to your needs and budget
  • A shared approach to risk.

You get:

  • The perfect person or persons for your needs
  • Absolute confidence in their ability, thanks to our thorough assessments
  • Genuine agility and cost-savings
  • 100% focus on delivering the role and agreed outcomes.

How it works

An initial, no-obligation chat will give us a clear indication of the type of person (or persons) and the type of skills that you need. We are not about ‘selling in’ large teams: our purpose is very different. We want to give you as much flex and choice as possible, so we’ll be extremely honest when we recommend a solution that keeps costs down whilst boosting your in-house expertise. And, with our commitment to stewardship, you can rest assured that we’ll look after all of the details, too: from onboarding and ways of working through to objectives-setting and regular reviews.

Read about the impact smart/hands has made for our clients – browse our case studies below.


“I need skilled individuals now to help me deliver a task.”


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