Kicking Off 2023 – And A New Company Structure

On the first day of February, our Optimisers and Core Team came together for our formal ‘Kickoff 2023’ meeting. With so many of us working for clients in diverse locations, and many of us working remotely for part of the week, it’s not always easy to congregate on the same day – but despite the rail strikes, we all made it to our chosen venue of Farnham Rugby Club.

Niall Anderson, Gary Gamp and Paul Bibby took centre stage as they updated us on our operating model, our business priorities for the year ahead, and reiterated our commitment to clients. We also heard from David Jenkins, who shared an update on our Accelerate campaign, and from Simon Carroll, who leads our MarComms activities at ACE. Incidentally, both of these updates feature will feature in the Spring 2023 issue of The Big Read. Of particular interest to the team was an announcement about the recent restructuring at smart/tasking, with exciting new roles for Niall, Gary and Paul.

Niall – known to us as ‘The Alchemist’ – has taken on the role of Chief Executive Officer (CEO). In his new role, Niall will focus on business strategy and sales development, with a keen eye on both of the primary regions smart/tasking operates in: the UK, and the US. Niall knows our service offerings inside-out, so he will be ensuring that our methodologies and techniques are up-to-scratch and showcase the extent of our capabilities.

Gary Gamp, aka ‘The Company Doctor’, steps into the role of Chief Experience Officer (CXO). He will head up delivery, pre/post sales and our consulting capability. As part of our DNA, we are always looking for the secret sauce to help get things done well and improving efficiency, whilst continually improving the customer experience.

Paul ‘The Activator’ Bibby will head the operational aspects of our business, including HR and connectivity, as Chief Operating Officer (COO). He will also be responsible for all things commercial, finance, HR, and product related, and will oversee our smart/hands function, ensuring that we deploy appropriately skills individuals that deliver against our clients’ requirements. This really plays to Paul’s strengths: he is something of an operations ‘wizard’, and is a keen advocate for enabling technologies to ensure our operations are running smoothly and seamlessly.

These new roles mark a formidable turning-point in our journey: one which will ensure we are as optimised as possible for the next stage in our journey, and which will support our ambitious growth plans in the UK and the US