We are outcome obsessed

We centre our services around really capturing the essence of our clients’ desired results – then we make sure everyone understands them and we deliver them with pace, agility and excellence. This is a distinguishing factor in our business philosophy; a client chooses us because we sell outcomes (that focus on the benefit a client will receive), not solutions (that address a specific problem a client has).

To us, being outcome obsessed means:

• truly understanding what a client wants

• encouraging a culture of continuous improvement

• team members taking responsibility for their contributions

• delivering a wow experience

We recently updated our values, and so we’re going to spend a few months introducing each one individually and exploring what they mean to us. Above is the formal way that we have collectively agreed to describe what ‘outcome obsessed’ means, and how we feel about it.

More broadly though, success is often measured by outcomes, and at smart/tasking we believe not just in chasing results and following through on the commitments we’ve made, but in being truly outcome obsessed. This core value is ingrained in our culture, it drives our decisions, actions and every endeavour we undertake. To us being outcome obsessed goes beyond the surface level of achieving goals. It’s not just about delivering on an outcome with unwavering determination, but delivering a great experience with it, too.

Consider a leading Telco client we worked with where our team’s relentless focus on outcomes led to a customer program office and an elevated reputation too. They reached out for support having experienced huge growth but feeling that they’d neglected their customer journey along the way. They needed to spend some time focusing on the service their customers were receiving. By prioritising outcomes, we were able to design, build and provide a Customer Programme Office (CPO) system as a fully managed service without interruption to their day-to-day work, resulting in a better customer experience, an increase in both revenue and employee loyalty.

By delivering tangible results and exceeding expectations, we foster trust and loyalty that forms the foundation of the long-term relationships we have with our clients. When our clients succeed, we succeed, and that’s why we go above and beyond to ensure their desired outcomes are not just met but exceeded. If we accomplish our initial objectives but recognise additional opportunities to help our clients, we proactively pursue those as well.

From the perspective of our team members, being outcome obsessed isn’t just a value; it’s a way of life. Here’s what Niall Anderson, Chief Executive Officer at smart/tasking, has to say: “Our clients choose us based on the outcome we’ve explored and tailored to them, then committed to – and we always deliver on our commitments. For me it’s also about finding ways to surprise and delight our clients with every smart/tasking interaction.”

Tips for being outcome obsessed:If you’re looking to adopt a similar mindset in your own work or organisation, here are some practical tips:

  • Define clear outcomes from the get-go and make sure everyone is clear on them
  • Continuously monitor progress and be ready to pivot as needed
  • Foster a culture of accountability and ownership among team members
  • Celebrate successes and learn from setbacks to continually improve

Being outcome obsessed really is a philosophy that drives us to continuously pursue success in everything we do, which in turn helps us to create real and lasting impact, both for our company and our clients. You can visit our website to read our case studies and blogs to explore our latest insights.

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