PMO as a Service

PMO infographic

The recent pandemic, economic instability and rising operating costs are putting the squeeze on businesses everywhere. Firms are having to adapt – but budgets and timeframes are being compressed. It’s no surprise, then, that Project Management and Project Delivery have become the biggest topics of discussion among our clients!

Projects don’t have to be costly, but they do have to be well-managed, in order to deliver lasting results that deliver real return-on-investment.

This is where smart/tasking’s PMO as a service comes in.

PMO-as-a-Service actually increases your business’s capacity to run projects, whilst decreasing the number of people needed to run them. For you, that means more capacity and more capability – at a lower overall cost.

The value a PMO can offer is constantly evolving. Today, it has an important role that enables data-driven decision making, best practice delivery, managing risk, and financial controls.  Originally, a PMO was the team that defines and maintains standards for project management within the organization. Traditionally, its goal was to achieve benefits from standardizing documentation, assurance, and reporting across project delivery.

Smart/tasking has successfully delivered PMO teams, with varying degrees of control, in many countries and project management methodologies.  We do not believe in one size fits all, and work with your business to achieve our core vision; business optimization and value realization.

That’s why we created PMO as a service, with fractional PMO on-demand skills, TaskGenie toolkits, and world-leading robotic process automation.

PMO as a service is a tailored and flexible, managed service that enables you to streamline your project management functions, with subject matter experts, our purpose build PMO toolkit, TaskGenie.

Our unique approach increases your capacity to run projects while decreasing the number of people you need to run them.  Using TaskGenie, we’re able to automate day-to-day operational elements of your projects, whilst providing flexible, expert resources to focus on governance, change management, and reporting.

Because our PMO is provided as a service, you can choose to scale up or down, based on the business demand, and with fractional PMO on demand, you can leverage alternative skills to suit your needs. That means you only pay for what you need when you need it.

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