Press Release: 06 June 2022


The Founding Partners of Smart/tasking ( are delighted to announce the launch of Smarttasking Inc. in New York, United States, on June 6th, 2022.  

The firm of business optimization experts, which continues to operate successfully in Europe, will be headed up in the States by Franck Cormier, President, and Danny Lacey, Director of Operations. In Europe, Smart/tasking will continue to be led by original Founding Partners Niall Anderson, Paul Bibby, and Gary Gamp. By launching in the US, Smart/tasking will bring its IP, cross-sector expertise and practical, outcomes-led approach to a wide range of firms who want a more streamlined, proactive approach to their operations.  

Smart/tasking is totally focused on identifying ways to help businesses work smarter, be more efficient and grow faster, and with clients’ results regularly hitting numbers such as an 80% increase in customer satisfaction (for a communications technology client), a 100% increase in customer numbers (for a flight solutions company), and a 48% reduction in escalations (for a global software company), their success rate speaks for itself. 

“Every business, no matter how successful, has the potential to be even better.  
If it exists – it can be optimized!” 


Founded in 2015, Smart/tasking has grown steadily via its successful UK and EU operations. With clients in technology, data, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and government, the firm has an unparalleled track record in transforming productivity and accelerating business growth. Smart/tasking’s three core offerings – smart/hands, smart/consult and smart/task – are specially specifically designed to supercharge business operations – via on-site support via talented experts; via insightful and experienced consulting; or via completely bespoke, outsourced solutions which take away the headache of tough or tedious tasks, giving clients more breathing space to focus on other important issues. 

Underpinning Smart/tasking’s approach is its commitment to stewardship: taking full responsibility for the outcome of its engagements, whilst acting as an integral part of a client’s team. Knowledge is transferred back into the business, creating a completely virtuous circle, with improvement and acceleration at the core.  


The smart/hands service offering supports businesses who want to deliver tasks or projects themselves, but who don’t have the available skills or people in-house. Smart/tasking’s solution is to place highly talented, experienced individuals (or teams) directly into the heart of a business, and start delivering from Day One. It is a completely flexible service which can be scaled up or down, in line with a client’s needs.   

Smart/hands comprises three key components:

  • Expertise-on-Demand: very popular with clients who have a specific skills gap to fill, in a hurry. This solution is a great way to avoid high costs incurred by specialist headhunters, and to avoid the uncertainty of a contractor with an unknown track record.
  • Fractional Leadership: giving clients instant access to a subject matter expert who is guaranteed to deliver an immediate impact in a specific area. Typical roles in this space include C-suite leaders (CTO, CFO, CMO, etcetera), Program Directors, and so forth.
  • Flexible bench: immediate and easy access to a wide ‘bench’ of consultants and associates whose broad skillset can support clients in a huge range of areas.  


Smart/consult is Smart/tasking’s consultancy offering. This strategic advisory service is popular with firms who have clear objectives and goals, but who feel they need specialist advice as to how to achieve these. Typically, projects in this space fall into the areas of transition, transformation and change. Smart/tasking’s consultants work as an integral part of a client’s team; accelerating progress, embedding good practices, and optimizing business performance. As a result, clients gain a more streamlined, productive business, with knowledge and skills that are reinvested back into their business as part of Smart/tasking’s knowledge-transfer commitment.  


Smart/task is proving one of Smart/tasking’s most popular services. Time-consuming, inefficient, tedious or repetitive tasks – which often drain a business’s resources – are taken on by Smart/tasking’s expert team, freeing the client up to focus on other, more important activities – such as strategy, client acquisition, or business growth. Particularly popular are:

  • PMO-as-a-Service (clearer, more transparent and more streamlined project management services) Newsroom-as-a-Service (a completely bespoke communications service, incorporating marketing, design, copywriting and editing and program communications)
  • Supply chain optimization (redesigning clients’ supply chains to make great cost savings)
  • Flexible bench (a ready-to-go team of skilled developers, programmers, data specialists and more, available 24/7 to support clients, as demand requires). 

Smart/tasking’s US launch marks a hugely important milestone in the firm’s journey, at a point where more and more businesses are looking to differentiate from the competition whilst making cost savings across their operations. 

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