Smart/task is the perfect choice for any business struggling to complete projects or tasks due to constraints around time, resource or expertise. Incomplete projects are a drain – financially, operationally and even motivationally. The simple solution, therefore, is to insource a small team of experts who will undertake and complete the task for you – within a timeframe and to a budget that works for you. Needless to say, this frees up your time to focus on other important business activities – safe in the knowledge that your task or project is in extremely safe hands.

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From one-off tasks to routine, repeatable activities, we’ll work as an extended part of your team: passing on our skills to your employees so that our intervention leaves a legacy.

We love tasks. In fact, we thrive on them: the core planning, the attention to detail, the fine-tuning, and the lessons-learned. Our Tasking-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering was built on our task-oriented mindset and our capability, and can be split into the following:

  • Incidental one-time tasks
  • Routine repeatable activities
  • Problems/issues that need prioritisation
  • Projects to improve, change or transform an organisation
  • Moves, additions and changes to operating models/processes that require expert support.

Any and all of these types of task can be delivered by an insourced team of experts. We’ll work as an extended part of your team – liaising closely with internal teams and ensuring that our skills are passed on to your employees so that you’ll continue benefitting from our support long after we’ve completed the task. We’ll also look for ways to automate the task into the future, in order to help you reduce expenditure in the long-term.

Examples of our popular Tasking-as-a-Service (TaaS) offering include:


Organisations that work with smart/tasking have complete confidence in our ability. Not only do we deliver the project or task on time and to budget, but we manage the entire process, end-to-end – including the people, the plans, and the processes. We are highly collaborative, and we make a point of spending time with team members to understand their own concerns, needs and challenges so that when we hand the completed and newly-automated task back over to you it is the ‘perfect fit’ for your operations.

How we work with clients is really determined by the size, scale and nature of your project or task. Most will take the form of four distinct phases, described below.


An initial discovery and consultation will give us a clear idea of the outcomes you want, and the scope and design we need in order to achieve those outcomes for you. The design phase will tell us the people, processes and tools we’ll need – this will all be defined in our implementation plan, and in TaskGenie, the toolset that we use to manage and automate tasks. ‘Design’ is a highly collaborative phase, and we’ll be talking with all stakeholders in order to ensure our approach it fit-for-purpose.


The build of the end-state design usually starts with a pilot to test how well the proposed end-state will work. We define the scope of the pilot, and we use an incremental build process to deliver value early & regularly and to incorporate stakeholder feedback. In this phase we also operationalise the design by setting up the tools and workflow processes, creating documentation and defining the communications & training required for successful implementation.


ensure that we maintain operational capacity during the migration of services. The dashboards & reports provide real-time data to track & analyse activities and processes including actionable insights when an intervention or escalation is needed. As well as streamlining processes, this phase focuses on delivering continuous improvement by optimising & automating tasks driving greater efficiencies & performance.


Once the task has been successfully completed – and, where appropriate, automated – we will hand the operationalised process back over to you, our client. Crucially, we’ll ensure a full knowledge-transfer over to you and your teams, so that the task can continue to run successfully far into the future. We can perform periodic effectiveness reviews, fine-tuning any aspects that may need it – and of course, we can run additional training sessions or ‘refresher’ courses, where required.

Unlike some other consultancies, stewardship is inbuilt into everything we do. We talk regularly with our clients in order to ensure that everything is on track and that our specialists are delivering to the highest possible standards. We assess and re-assess risks throughout a project’s lifecycle, making any necessary adjustments along the way – this flexibility and adaptability means that projects always run to time and to the agreed budget. Crucially, it removes any element of risk from you, our client.

In other words, when you engage smart/tasking you can be completely confident of a smooth, successful transition or transformation, fully embedded into your business so that it continues delivering the results you wanted – no ifs, no buts, and no exceptions to the rule.

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