Announcing a new working partnership between
smart/tasking and Citycom Solutions

Smart/tasking, the business optimisers, and Citycom Solutions, global leaders of advanced solutions for the voice communications and expanded video sector challenges, are delighted to announce a new working partnership.

This arrangement leverages the strengths of both businesses: driving their individual strategies, and addressing unsolved issues that currently exist in risk assurance and compliance.

Both smart/tasking and Citycom Solutions are passionate about optimising businesses’ performance capabilities, whilst delivering tangible business benefits. The two organisations share a strong belief that this is achieved by harnessing people, processes, and technology, underpinned by the use of intelligent automation. The benefits of this approach are far-reaching. Businesses’ risk mitigation and compliance assurance capabilities are strengthened, leading to more confident regulatory engagement. With deeper insights and more powerful decision-making capabilities, businesses become more resilient and responsive to market conditions, and are better able to demonstrate true customer-centricity.

Working alongside one another, smart/tasking and Citycom Solutions will collaborate on projects and develop bespoke solutions that will transform clients’ ability to collect, store, interrogate and re-use valuable data in order to deliver better customer outcomes – all the while enhancing compliance. Whereas other providers in the market focus on the “what” aspects of regulatory compliance, smart/tasking and Citycom Solutions will focus on the “how”: shifting the emphasis from resource-heavy solutions (of people and time) onto cost-effective, results-driven solutions that deliver a tangible difference.

Founded in 2012, Citycom Solutions is an innovative, flexible and dynamic developer and supplier of cloud native solutions that enables its customers to utilise data to gain insights while maximising profit, reducing risk, and enhancing customer and employee satisfaction. Its highly intelligent technologies, including the popular ARC platform, enriches existing  voice capture applications  by assuring all communications is captured,  useable and compliant.  CAR voice capture and transcription software  turn unstructured data  into meaningful, useful data. The level of detail and the accuracy this provides enables advanced monitoring and surveillance, highly intuitive decision-making, and deep insights that can be used to drive more customer-centric initiatives.

Smart/tasking was founded in 2015 and has grown its reputation and its client base through first-class business optimisation engagements. With clients in technology, data, telecommunications, manufacturing, retail and government, the firm has an excellent track record in transforming productivity and accelerating business growth. Its PMO offering continues to prove extremely popular, with a methodology that focuses on optimising and automating processes in order to deliver real ‘wow-factor’ outcomes. In 2022, Smarttasking Inc. launched in the US, and its success continues to go from strength to strength.