Case Study 6


Services: Developing a new Tasking as a Service (TaaS) process and tool


A global managed service provider, having recently been awarded two significant contracts, was looking for a trusted partner to help hone processes and bolster resource to deliver these projects on time and to the customers’ full satisfaction.

The problem

  • The company had been awarded two key and significant client projects simultaneously. The current operating model with limited in-house resource meant it would be challenging to deliver in accordance with client objectives and timescales
  • Resources had become stretched and communications started to break down within its delivery channel, leading to a higher risk of human error
  • In-house skillset was becoming misaligned to client(s) project requirements
  • The company needed the ability to manage and scale onboarding without increasing headcount, resourcing on-demand to meet changing workload and provide flexibility

The solution

Smart/tasking was asked to identify areas for improvement and develop and test a new ‘proof of concept’. This resulted in the creation and mobilisation of a new process with a bespoke set of tools which removed bottlenecks and honed processes further to help overcome scaling issues.

The main focus was around multiple on-boarding, moves, adds and changes within the operations department which ranged from simple to complex projects that were unpredictable in nature and therefore difficult to scale. The internal team was streamlined so it had the capability and capacity to flex project management up and down to meet changing customer volumes.

What did smart/tasking do?

Smart/tasking started a Tasking as-a-Service (TaaS) pilot which focused on the company’s process for managing complex service requests (CSRs) between their customers and partners, as well as internally within departments.  It quickly uncovered a number of inefficiencies in the existing process, which had evolved over time with no defined workflow, roles or responsibilities.

An in-depth analysis of the CSR process was followed by a complete process re-design and improvement. This featured clear definition of roles and responsibilities, agreed rules, and the introduction of an online incident management tool from smart/tasking’s TaskGenie toolset, which was designed against the new process. Manual processes were reduced, and the overall delivery time was also brought down significantly through process optimisation, automated notifications, and triggers.

In addition, smart/tasking improved accountability and traceability of CSRs, and added value from end to end, both within the company and for their customers and partners.


Improvement in the following areas:

  • Manual tasks were reduced by 65%
  • Reduction in client reporting effort of 30%
  • Internal and external communications were optimised by 30% through consolidation and centralisation
  • Traceability and accountability were improved to 3x previous levels
  • Toolset used plus automation reduced the probability of human error by over 65%
  • Time to deployment: reduced by 18%
  • Customer satisfaction: increased NPS (NetPromoter Score®) by incremental 8% (The company runs at an NPS of +65)
  • Redeployment of internal resources to become more business development focused
  • Provided a flex bench project capacity to move up or down with the business requirements
  • Provided a commercial dashboard to help make quicker business decisions based on the status of project success and delay


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