Now more than ever leaders must be an exemplar in providing guidance and effective leadership to our teams who are working either remotely or hybrid. Here are some tips for providing guidance and leadership as a remote or hybrid leader:

  1. Ensure you are providing both a clear vision for the future and setting a clear strategy and direction for your team, whilst acknowledging the reality of today’s situation and giving hope for the future.
  2. Set clear expectations of what is the expected of each functional area in your span of responsibility, linking it to the overall strategy of your business.
  3. Ensure the expected outcomes are realistic and achievable.
  4. Encourage your individual team members to challenge the strategy and suggest alternative ideas to ensure overall the outcome is achieved, keep them engaged in the objectives to optimise the team performance and desired outcome.
  5. Ensure you set up a regular communication cadence but be prepared to adjust it to suit your team members when needed. Resist setting up too many check-ins which will distract and drive the wrong behaviour.
  6. Remember the responsibility that comes with managing and leading people, your role is to LEAD and INSPIRE your team wherever they are based: in the office or remote.

Here are some more ideas for you to consider:

As a leader where am I spending most of my time? Am I being personally effective in supporting my teams?

What can I do increase the overall effectiveness of my resources and optimise output and outcome?

Am I creating the right environment to allow my teams to develop further, whilst being flexible to individuals within the team?

Next Steps…

  • Review current team outputs and performance by using fact-based measurable items as data points.
  • Discuss with your team new and better ways of working, based on what we have discovered over the past few months.