Case Study 5


Services – Project and Delivery Management and On-boarding

The client

Smart/tasking has calibrated with a leading global IoT pioneer that provides customers with the tools to make key operational decisions based on real-time intelligence. It uses wireless sensor technology and real-time software solutions to provide operational intelligence to decision-makers, allowing them to make predictions and efficiency improvements, as well as prevent disasters, based on the performance of distributed infrastructure. This organisation has customers in more than 50 countries across five continents and is headquartered in Barcelona.

The problem

This organisation needed:

  • Clarity of responsibilities and statements of work on significant client projects across multiple locations in challenging countries
  • Access to project and delivery resources on-demand to flex with business current pipeline and growth
  • Review of delivery processes and methods and development of new processes to plug gaps
  • The ability to resource to demand to meet changing workload and provide flexibility
  • A requirement for leadership across the business to support professional services, project, and delivery
  • A strong go-to to own and push back with a demanding customer(s) in challenging countries in order to protect the margin and commercial commitments

The solution

As the organisation become victim of its own success, with triumph in difficult countries causing a bottleneck in delivery where it was overloaded and unable to scale. Because of the fast rate of work, statements of work were not robust, and the organisation quickly became overloaded with work and unable to keep up. Smart/tasking provided interim programme leadership and a project team to support both existing projects and the ability to flex.

What did smart/tasking do? 

Smart/tasking quickly took the role of Head of Delivery, resourcing a highly experienced and effective team to consult across the organisation. They ensured that they brought people with them but took immediate action to review processes, build a practical delivery methodology and engage project resources to process the delivery workload for the existing critical customers, whilst reviewing the SoW so that the business was contractually protected. Smart/tasking then developed methodologies and procedures, using learnings from existing projects, to ensure the delivery function was fit for purpose before building a small onboarding team to take care of all future requests on demand.


With three key complex customers in triage, smart/tasking was able to rebuild customer confidence and get on the front foot of the delivery and project commitments, re-building credibility. In-house, it was able to supplement the existing project team who were under a great deal of pressure and build a new process for future opportunities. A flex bench for projects was created in order to support projects on demand which provided an efficiency gain of +18% as it took the risk away from the business while waiting for deals to compete, allowing for flex up or down based on demand without having to retain cost on the books.

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