Press Release: 7th December 2020


Smart/tasking has announced today the successful sale of its controlling interest in Atrium Telecom Ltd as part of Atrium’s acquisition by Invosys Ltd.

Atrium Telecom is an independent telecoms company providing installation and maintenance services to partners throughout the UK, working for some of the UK’s leading telecoms companies and manufacturers including Avaya & Panasonic.

Paul Bibby Co-founder of smart/tasking commented “following a successful 2yrs of investment in Atrium through the implementation of business operational support, design and execution of a new strategy and a return to growth in the business, it became apparent that for the business to meet its strategic plan and objectives it needed to extend its capabilities and coverage in the Unified Comms space and plan was put in place to find the right business to acquire Atrium’s and continue its journey to even more relevant to its partners and customers”

Niall Anderson Co-founder of smart/tasking added “This divestment will allow smart/tasking to focus 100% on its own core strategy and growth plans as we continue to provide a range of Business Optimisation Services to our clients and partners”

We would like to thank the board of Directors and the entire Atrium team for all their hard work and diligence over the last two years and wish them every success in the future.”

Barry Tuffs Managing Director at Atrium said “We’re excited to be joining with such a forward-looking company with ambitious plans for growth. We know that our partnership with Invosys will revolutionise the telecoms channel. I would like to take this opportunity to thank the smart/tasking Board of directors for all their support and guidance in getting us prepared and ready for the next stage of our development.”

Going forward the acquisition brings opportunities for both Atrium and Invosys and the telecoms sector as a whole, bringing another channel to the market and adding a series of complementary perimeters to Invosys’ existing proposition

Smart/tasking specialises in optimising businesses, helping teams, projects, and processes to run smarter and smoother by taking over key tasks and making them more efficient. Every business, no matter how successful, has the potential to be even better. Our optimisation experts uncover and unlock your untapped possibilities. By using our extensive experience to identify opportunities to improve operations and improve business performance.

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