Case Study 2

4,000+ sites and 80,000 handsets transformed

A network transformation programme for a global financial institution. The challenge was to provide a fixed price outcome based service for the field engineering, logistics, inventory management and decommissioning, with no impact on banking operations and retail branches.

Business Challenge

The client was one of the world’s largest telecommunications companies, providing a managed network solution to one of the world’s largest banks.

The business challenge was to deliver a fixed price service, so the client could be assured of achieving the required outcomes, accurately budget and manage their risk. The commitment was entirely flexible, so a profit had to be achieved whether 10 sites were transformed, or 1,000.

The operational challenge was to establish the full end to end capability to deliver the programme, ensuring profitability, meeting the strict service levels, and have almost zero failures. The support of high volumes was critical, peaking at 40 site transformations daily, and 1,000+ user sites being transformed in a weekend. With such high volumes, managing issues would be key, as poorly managed they would soon snow-ball out of control.


Dedicated programme team was established covering delivery leads, project management office, functional leads for logistics, staging, and engineering, outcome based service, for the survey, configuration, storage, shipping, inventory management, installation, hand-over, decommissioning and returns management for over 80,000 IP handsets, across 4,000 sites across EMEA and APAC.

How we did it

Programme management – a central programme team and programme office was established to manage the delivery. Delivery leads were responsible for workstreams based on site types and regions.

Governance – a strong governance model was critical in this fast moving programme, particularly focused on financial control and client communication, to ensure that there was a common view. 

Factory model – the delivery was treated as a repeatable high volume service. It was designed, built and tested, with processes, procedures, service levels and reporting designed to assure quality, and focus on identifying and fixing exceptions at every stage.

Field engineering capability – a specifically designed selection and certification programme for surveys and installations was designed. The team grew to over 100 resources.

Partner management capability – where third parties were used, a specifically designed selection and certification programme for partner engineers for survey and installation was designed, along with strong issue management so problems were identified an resolved fast.

Strong change and configuration management – to mitigate the two major risks for delivery quality which were last minute schedule changes, caused by circuit availability or site readiness, and uncontrolled device configuration changes, leading to cancellations and failures.

Staging and logistics – a dedicated staging and logistics team was established, along with improvements to the inventory management and reporting to track the complex equipment flows.

Transformation planning – a detailed process was established with the client to ensure that every step was defined, documented and measured to ensure success, and zero impact for the end-customer.

> Outcome

The transformation was a success; delivered to budget within 27 months. It resulted in 3 further significant orders. The delivery success rate for the programme was over 99.9% globally.

The success of this programme also provided the credentials to win global transformation work, which has grown into a multi-multi-million dollar cornerstone of the business.

It led to the establishment of several strategic functions including a dedicated field engineering capability, and global partner management, alongside repeatable processes and governance models for future programmes.

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